Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your cat hotel offer?   


Our cat hotel offers comfortable accommodations, daily feeding and cleaning, interactive playtime, and regular updates for cat owners on request.


How do I make a reservation for my cat?

Reservations can be made online through our website, by leaving a message on our answerphone, or by sending an SMS or WhatsApp message to the mobile number provided.

Simply provide your cat's details and desired dates of stay.


What vaccinations are required for my cat to stay at your hotel?

We require all cats to be up to date on their vaccinations, including rabies and feline distemper (FVRCP). Proof of vaccination is required upon check-in. It is also required that your cat be up to date with their flea and worm treatment.  If treatment is needed, please do this at least one week before the start of your cat's stay with us.  If fleas are found on your cat we will treat them and add the cost of the treatment to your bill at the end of the stay.


Can I bring my cat's favorite toys and bedding?

 Yes, you are welcome to bring your cat's favorite toys, bedding, or any other items that will help them feel more comfortable during their stay.


How often will my cat be fed?


We provide regular feeding times based on your cat's dietary needs. Please let us know if your cat requires a specific feeding schedule or has any dietary restrictions.


What if my cat requires medication during their stay?

 Please provide clear instructions and any necessary medications in their original packaging.  We will do our best to administer your cat's medication but if we are unable to do so, we will enlist the help of our associated veterinary practice and any costs incurred will be added to your bill at the end of the stay.


 Are there any age restrictions for cats staying at your hotel?


We welcome cats of all ages, from kittens to senior cats. However, we recommend discussing any special needs or concerns related to your cat's age with our staff.  


How often will my cat receive playtime and social interaction?


 Our dedicated staff provides daily playtime and social interaction sessions with each cat to ensure they receive mental stimulation and attention.  We visit all cats in our care a minimum of four times per day with an additional visit before we retire to bed in the evenings.


What if my cat becomes ill during their stay?


Our cat hotel has experienced staff who can recognize signs of illness. In case of any health concerns, we will notify you and consult with a veterinarian if necessary.  We are associated with the veterinary clinic in the local village and, if necessary, can make urgent appointments to ensure your cat is seen as soon as possible.  You will also be contacted immediately and kept up to date.


What are your check-in and check-out times?


We are open daily from 09h00 to 11h00 and 17h30 to 18h30 for the drop off and pick up of your cat.   Additional fees apply for late check-out or early check-in requests (please see our pricing page).


Is my cat required to be spayed or neutered to stay at your hotel?


While we do not require cats to be spayed or neutered, we highly recommend it to maintain a calm and stress-free environment for all guests.


What happens if I need to cancel or modify my reservation?

 Please refer to our cancellation policy outlined on our website or contact us for assistance with modifying or canceling your reservation.


How secure is your cat hotel?


We take the safety and security of our guests seriously. Our facility is equipped with secure enclosures, surveillance cameras, and trained staff to ensure a safe environment. 


How do you handle emergencies outside of regular business hours?


We have protocols in place to handle emergencies outside of regular hours. Our staff is trained to respond to any urgent situations and will contact you as necessary.


What are your Terms and Conditions?


Please see an excerpt from our current Terms and Conditions below.  By making a booking with us, you are agreeing to adhere to these Terms and Conditions.  A full copy will be emailed to you once your booking has been confirmed.


"For the health and safety of your cat and the other cats staying with us, it is a legal requirement that your cat is up to date with its annual vaccinations when staying overnight with us.  Please bring your cat's health record with you, showing proof of vaccination.  All cats must also be up to date with their worm and flea treatments.  Please ensure that these treatments have been carried out at least 7 days before the first day of your cat's stay with us.  If fleas are found on your cat, we will administer a flea treatment and the cost will be added to your final bill. 


Tournesol Cat Hotel takes no responsibility for any accident, death or injury, or escape of your pet during their stay with us.  It is recommended that you have insurance for your cat.


If your cat becomes ill or injured while staying with us, we will contact you immediately and your cat will be taken directly to our local affiliated vet for treatment.  The cost of treatment will be added to your final bill. 


Tournesol Cat Hotel is not responsible for any damage caused to your property or your cat's property during their stay with us.  We provide bedding and toys, but you are welcome to bring your own."