About us

Welcome to Tournesol Cat Hotel, a charming cat hotel nestled amidst the idyllic countryside of Vendee in Western France.


Embracing a passion for feline hospitality is Lisa, the heart and soul behind this enchanting haven.


At Tournesol Cat Hotel, we offer a haven of tranquility where your beloved cats can find solace and comfort while you're away.


Lisa prioritises well-being and happiness, providing spacious and thoughtfully designed accommodations.


Every detail has been crafted to create an atmosphere that ensures the ultimate relaxation and security for your furry companions.


With personalized attention and ever-improving amenities, we aim to make every stay a memorable one.


Experience the purr-fect getaway for your cherished cats at Tournesol Cat Hotel, where we create unforgettable moments for your feline family members.


Reserve their spot today and entrust their care to our loving hands.